Full-Service Veterinary Practice

We provide high-quality veterinary care to the pets of Grovetown, GA.

We’re a locally owned full-service veterinary clinic that’s committed to excellence and compassion in all we do.

At Dogwood Park Animal Clinic in Grovetown, GA, we’re passionate about providing the very best care to all of our patients. Whether it’s a wellness exam, surgery, behavioral counseling, or more, our team settles for nothing short of thorough and high-quality care. We understand the love and connection between humans and their pets, which is why we treat each pet as if they were one of ours.

Our team comprises licensed and accredited veterinarians, as well as assistants and technicians who are dedicated professionals. 

We Believe in High-Quality Veterinary Care.

We know the bond that you have with your pets, and we want to make sure they get the high quality of service they deserve.

We Put Your Pet’s Health First.

Your pet will receive our undivided attention and care. We offer the specialized services below and so much more!

Wellness Care

We recommend annual wellness exams to keep our patients feeling their best! During a wellness exam, we will discuss your pet’s medical history and all current concerns.

Our Services

When you entrust your pet’s care to Dogwood Park Animal Clinic, you can expect compassion and dedication from every single member of our team.

Laser Therapy

We are pleased and excited to be able to offer this treatment. After injury or surgery, patients receiving laser therapy have less pain. Their recovery is faster and the quality of healing is better.

Every Visit Should Be a Happy Visit.

Do you want your dogs and cats to live happy, healthy, full lives? Do you wish you knew how to make that happen for them? We all love our pets and want what’s best for them throughout their lives. But we aren’t always equipped with the right tools, information, education, or resources to truly fulfill that goal. Take, for example, visits to your veterinary hospital. Why is it that for many of us and our pets, veterinary visits evoke feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress? What if a veterinary visit could be something you and your pet look forward to? This is where low-stress handling comes in. Our mission is to alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets and educate and inspire the people that care for them. Our method of handling focuses on both the physical and emotional well-being of your pets and aims to take the pet out of petrified. Your visit with us will be full of so many thoughtful details to alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress. You will see the layering of calming pheromones, calming music, warm towels, catnip, high-reward treats, and staff that exhibit gentle handling and intrinsic knowledge of pet body language and behavior.

Thank You for Your 5-Star Reviews!

We know you have a lot of choices when choosing the best Grovetown veterinary hospital, and we’re happy that you’ve decided to join the Dogwood Park Animal Clinic family. Your kind words and feedback help us continue to provide over-the-top service to you and your pet.

"I love Dogwood. I can always get an appointment for my pets quickly if necessary. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend."

— Rachael A.

"I’ve been taking my pets here for years with no issue. Even with a small office the staff does everything possible to make sure you are seen and checked out quickly. Prices are the best you could ask for, and the vets have always treated my pets with compassion."

— Autumn T.

"Always an awesome experience when Khloe goes for her checkups. The staff is very courteous, patient, and caring."

— Olympica T.